Button and Feature Identifiers

Button Identifiers

Button identifiers can be used with functions for manipulating the toolbar layout, button menus and the context menu. They are an ID string that represents an item such as a button or menu that can be added to the toolbar and context menu. For example button identifiers are used with the addToolbar method to specify the items to appear on a new toolbar.

Once an item is registered you can add it to a toolbar using the addRegisteredButton method.

All buttons are also features which means button identifiers can be used with the disableFeatures method for removing a feature from the editor. More information on features and a list of feature identifiers follows the button table.

Listing of Button Identifiers:
ID Type Description
print button Print...
cut button Cut
copy button Copy
paste button Paste
undo button Undo
redo button Redo
image button Insert/Edit Image...
link button Insert/Edit Hyperlink...
document button Link To A Document...
tageditor button Edit tag ##tagname##...
deletetag button Delete tag ##tagname##
removetag button Remove tag ##tagname##
styles builtinselect Styles
font builtinselect Font
size builtinselect Size
bold button Bold
italic button Italic
underline button Underline
superscript button Superscript
subscript button Subscript
strikethrough button Strikethrough
left button Align Left
center button Align Center
right button Align Right
full button Justify
numbering button Numbering
bullets button Bullets
outdent button Decrease Indent
indent button Increase Indent
fontcolor button Font Color...
highlight button Highlight...
form button form - not currently supported
textbox button textbox - not currently supported
textfield button textfield - not currently supported
dropdownlist button dropdownlist - not currently supported
listbox button listbox - not currently supported
checkbox button checkbox
option button option - not currently supported
optiongroup button optiongroup - not currently supported
button button button - not currently supported
file button file - not currently supported
imageinput button imageinput - not currently supported
formediting menu formediting - not currently supported
moretextformatting menu More Font Options
morealignmentformatting menu More Paragraph Options
morelistformatting menu More List Options
moreformatting menu More Formatting Options
spacer spacer 22
separator separator separator
separator1 separator separator1
separator2 separator separator2
separator3 separator separator3
separator4 separator separator4
separator5 separator separator5
separator6 separator separator6
separator7 separator separator7
separator8 separator separator8
separator9 separator separator9
separator10 separator separator10
bookmark button Insert/Edit Bookmark...
bookmarkproperties button Bookmark Properties...
codecleanup button Clean Up Source Code...
pastecleanup button Paste From External Source...
dirltr button Direction Left To Right
dirrtl button Direction Right To Left
emoticon button Insert Emoticon...
media button Insert/Edit Media Object...
mediaproperties button Media Properties...
imageproperties button Image Properties...
find button Find And Replace...
fullwindow button Full-Window
bulletsandnumbering button Bullets and Numbering...
ruler button Insert/Edit Horizontal Line...
rulerproperties button Horizontal Line Properties...
defaultruler button Insert Horizontal Line
snippets button Insert Snippet...
specialchar button Special Characters...
spelling button Spelling...
instable button Insert Table...
edittable button Table Properties...
insrowabove button Insert Row Above
insrowbelow button Insert Row Below
inscolleft button Insert Column to the Left
inscolright button Insert Column to the Right
insrowsandcols button Insert Rows and Columns...
autofitcols button Auto-Fit Column Widths to Contents
distcols button Distribute Column Widths Evenly
fixedcols button Fixed Column Widths...
delcol button Delete Column
delrow button Delete Row
deltable button Delete Table
mergecells button Merge Cells...
unmergecells button Unmerge Cells...
tablemenu menu Table
spacer1 separator spacer1
spacer2 separator spacer2
spacer3 separator spacer3
spacer4 separator spacer4
spacer5 separator spacer5
spacer6 separator spacer6
spacer7 separator spacer7
spacer8 separator spacer8
zoom select Zoom

Feature Identifiers

Feature identifiers are an ID string that represents a feature of the editor. Feature identifiers can be used with the disableFeatures method for removing a feature from the editor. All of the button identifiers above are also features however features may also be a group of related buttons, a group of related features, an entire toolbar, or any other interface element or functionality.

Example, the following would remove the preview tab and ALL table editing features and buttons:


You can register a new feature using the registerFeature method. Once a feature is registered it can then be enabled using the enableFeature method.

Listing of Feature Identifiers
ID Buttons & features removed when this is disabled
htmldepreciated target Disabling this feature will disable all features that produce depreciated markup and/or alters the behavior of a feature so that depreciated markup is not generated. There is no need to disable this feature, setting the desired HTML version will do this for you. See the htmlVersion property.
target   Enabling or disabling this feature will add or remove the option for adding the target attribute to links. There is no need to disable or enable this feature, setting the desired HTML version will do this for you. See the htmlVersion property.
events   Disabling this feature will remove any features that produce JavaScript event attributes. Currently WysiwygPro only uses JavaScript events when using an HTML version that does not support the target attribute.
dialogappearanceoptions   Disabling this feature will remove options for controlling the appearance of elements from all dialog windows. Users will only be able to style their document using pre-defined styles. See the addStyle method to learn how to add a pre-defined style.
webcolors   Removes the built in 256 web safe color palette from the color picker so that only colors you have specified with the colorSwatches property are shown. 
tageditor removetag, deletetag, tagpath Removes the advanced tag editor. 



Removes the tag path from the bottom of the editor (only available if the tagpath plugin has been loaded) 

nongecko zoom, zoom  
nonopera zoom  
nonsafari zoom  
viewtabs   Removes the tabs from the bottom of the editor. 
designtab   Removes the design tab. 
sourcetab   Removes the source tab. 
previewtab   Removes the preview tab. 
guidelines   Removes the 'Show/Hide Hidden Elements' button. 
shift entermessage   Removes the 'Use Shift Enter for a
tag' message. 
dragresize   Removes the drag to resize button from the bottom right corner of the editor. 
Simplifies the hyperlink window. 
Simplifies the image manager window. 
Simplifies the media manager window. 
Simplifies the document manager window. 
Removes the 'Place in this document' tab from the hyperlink window. 
Removes the 'Email address' tab from the hyperlink window. 
link link, document  
image image, imageproperties  
media media, mediaproperties  
special specialchar  
table instable, edittable, tablemenu  
edittable insrowabove, insrowbelow, inscolleft, inscolright, insrowsandcols, autofitcols, distcols, fixedcols, delcol, delrow, deltable, mergecells, unmergecells  
tab viewtabs  
html sourcetab  
design designtab  
source sourcetab  
preview previewtab  
border guidelines  
pasteword pastecleanup  
format styles  
class styles  
custom snippets  
ol numbering  
ul bullets  
color fontcolor  
tbl table  
smiley emoticon