Availability: >= 3.0.2

Type: Object Property

Description: Allows you to route WysiwygPro dialogs through another script in your application.


$editor->route string $url;

This property is intended to provide an alternative to setting up a custom session in the session configuration file (wysiwygPro/conf/ 

It allows you to route requests to WysiwygPro dialog windows and other files that require session authentication through an existing page in your application that already has all the required session processing.

Simply set this property to the URL of the script on your site that you want to route WysiwygPro through. The script MUST be on the same domain and server as WysiwygPro. Then include the code from the below example into your script.


The following would cause all WysiwygPro screens to be routed through your index.php file:

$editor->route '/index.php';

Then in index.php you should include the following code to include the requested file.