Availability: >= 2.0

Type: Object Method

Description: Opens a dialog window.


editor.openDialogstring urlstring modalint widthint height [, string features] ); 

This method allows you to open a page of your design inside a WysiwygPro dialog.

To open a dialog plugin please use openDialogPlugin instead. 


The fist parameter is the url to the html document you wish to popup as a dialog window. 

The second parameter should be set to either 'modal' or 'modeless'. This parameter will unfortunately only have effect in Internet Explorer. When set to 'modal' the dialog will float above the application and the user will not be able to click back to the application until they close the dialog window. If set to 'modeless' the user will be able to click back onto the application. Unfortunately in Mozilla the dialog will always behave in 'modeless' mode.

Width should be set to the width of the dialog

should be set to the height of the dialog.

The last optional parameter should be a string of any extra features you want enabled, such as status bars and scroll bars. This string should follow the same format as the features parameter in the JavaScript method.  


This will popup a dialog window. Dialog windows float permanently above the application and any open dialogs will close when the main browser window closes or when the user navigates away from the page. In Windows dialog windows will not create a taskbar button.