Repeating regions
The included Repeating Regions plugin allows you to mark up repeating regions using simple comment tags. This feature is really useful when creating complex layouts that your clients need to be able to manage easily.

To enable WYSIWYG editing you must be using a supported browser, however you may still edit the raw HTML code in the above textarea. For a full list of supported browsers please see

Integration Code:



// create a new WysiwygPro Instance
$editor = new wysiwygPro();

// give the editor a name
$editor->name 'demo';

// set the HTML code to be edited

// load the Repeating Regions plugin

// URL and HTML format (unrelated to repeating regions, 
// we're just showing off how this can be configured)
$editor->baseURL 'content/';
$editor->urlFormat 'relative';
$editor->addFont("Lucida Grande");
$editor->htmlVersion 'XHTML 1.1';

// display the editor