Availability: >= 3.0

Type: Object Property

Description: Sets the doctype for the HTML content the editor is being used to edit.


$editor->doctype string $doctype;

This property is used to set the doctype of the document you are editing. If you are editing a full HTML document that has a doctype declaration then you do not need to set this property. This property is intended for when editing a snippet of HTML code where the doctype is unknown.

This property will affect the format of HTML code generated by the editor and the way the HTML code is rendered in the editor's design and preview panes. It will also affect the availability and function of certain WysiwygPro features.


$editor->doctype ''

Note: you could instead use the htmlVersion property but this does not allow you to set an arbitrary doctype. Sometimes WysiwygPro may not understand a custom doctype in which case you should also set the htmlVersion property to the closest supported HTML specification.