Availability: 3.x

Type: Object Property

Description: Sets the URL of the wysiwygPro folder. Overrides the WPRO_EDITOR_URL setting in config.inc.php.


$editor->editorURL string $URL

This property overrides the WPRO_EDITOR_URL variable in wysiwygPro/config.inc.php

When this property and the WPRO_EDITOR_URL config variable are left empty WysiwygPro will attempt to auto detect the URL of the wysiwygPro folder, however this will not work if the editor is displayed on a page that is accessed through an Apache rewrite rule or Alias or any other situation where the URL of the page or the wysiwygPro folder does not match the underlying file system. If this is the case then you will need to set this property when constructing the editor or set the WPRO_EDITOR_URL define in config.inc.php.

The value must be absolute, but does not need to include the domain name.


$editor->editorURL "/wysiwygPro/";

Tips for setting Dir and URL properties