We have no control over the future development of Joomla! and we are not in any way involved in it’s development or affiliated with it in any way, so while these instructions and associated code work with the current Joomla! 2.5 version at the time of writing they may not work in future versions.


A working Joomla! 2.5 install (see disclaimer above)

Separate plugins are available for Joomla! 1.0.x, 1.5.x and Mambo. Please download the correct plugin for your software.


Upgrading from an older WysiwygPro 3 release

There are two upgrade methods available. You may perform a standard upgrade by first uninstalling all WysiwygPro plugins and components and then installing the new version or advanced users may choose to upgrade manually.

Standard Upgrade

First uninstall your existing WysiwygPro version:

  1. Log into your Joomla! Administrator section.
  2. Navigate to Extensions -> Extension Manager
  3. Click on the Manage tab.
  4. Select Editor - WysiwygPro 3 from the list and click Uninstall
  5. Use your FTP program to check that the following folder has been deleted. If it has not you MUST delete it before installing the new version:
  6. [Joomla! installation directory]/plugins/editors/wysiwygPro3/

If you have done this you can now move to the installation chapter to begin installing the new version.

Manual Upgrade (for advanced users)

The manual upgrade does not require you to uninstall the old version.

  1. Unzip plugin.zip into a separate directory
  2. Now copy these files into [Joomla! installation directory]/plugins/editors/wysiwygPro3/ overwriting your existing wysiwygPro files.


There are two installation methods available. You can perform a standard install or if that fails you can instead install WysiwygPro manually.

Standard Install

If WysiwygPro does not install please first confirm that you can install other plugins and components before requesting support.


Please read the Upgrading section before installing.


We recommend installing WysiwygPro with FTP turned off. You can turn it back on again after installation. To do this go to Administrator -> Site -> Global Configuration -> Server.

  1. Install all the .zip files:
    1. Log in to your Joomla! administration interface.
    2. Navigate to the extensions installer page. This is located at Extensions -> Extension Manager
    3. Upload and install the Plugin.zip file included in this package.
  2. Configure Joomla! to use WysiwygPro 3 as the default editor:
    1. Navigate to Site -> Global Configuration and verify that the default WYSIWYG Editor is now WysiwygPro 3.
    2. You can set a specific editor for each user. You can do this from Site -> User manager

If you have problems please see the Frequently Asked Questions section at the end of this Manual.

If you are still having problems you should visit http://www.wysiwygpro.com/support


Updates can be downloaded from the relevant download area corresponding to your license in http://www.wysiwygpro.com/my-account

Manual Install (for advanced users)

If the standard install instructions above fail and the FAQ questions don’t help then you can perform a manual installation.

  1. Unzip plugin.zip
  2. Now copy these files into [Joomla! installation directory]/plugins/editors/wysiwygPro3/ (You will need to create this folder)
  3. Back up your database then run the following SQL command:
    INSERT INTO 'jos_extensions' ('name', 'type', 'element', 'folder', 'enabled', 'access')
    VALUES ('Editor - WysiwygPro 3', 'plugin', 'wysiwygPro3', 'editors', 1, 1);

Using the plug-in

WysiwygPro is a highly configurable application and we have built a number of WysiwygPro’s configuration options into the plug-in. This means that you can alter the appearance and functionality of WysiwygPro from the Joomla! admin interface without needing to mess around with scripts and files.

To change your WysiwygPro plug-in preferences log into your admin area and select Extensions -> Plugin Manager from the menu. Then click on WysiwygPro 3

You can enable/disable any of the WysiwygPro buttons and menus as well as specify which fonts, formatting, classes and font-sizes should appear on the menus, specify color swatches to appear on the color picker and much more.

We hope you enjoy using WysiwygPro with Joomla! or Mambo.

Frequently Asked Questions

I see the following error message after uploading the ZIP file:

It was not possible to copy the selected file.

JInstaller::install: Failed to copy file: /tmp/install_470970239d567/wysiwygPro3/wysiwygPro/core/compileCoreDialogJS.php to /plugins/editors/wysiwygPro3/wysiwygPro/core/compileCoreDialogJS.php

Ensure that the [Joomla! installation directory]/plugins/editors/ folder is writable OR that you have configured your FTP account. Then upload the file again.

I receive an out of memory error when loading a page with the editor

You see an error similar to the following:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted …

To fix this problem please try the following:

  • If PHP is running in safe_mode and you have access to change your PHP configuration (or have a really nice web host) then turn safe_mode off. Safe mode prevents scripts from increasing the available memory.

  • If you cannot or do not want to turn off safe_mode and you have access to your PHP configuration file then increase PHP’s memory limit. Look for the memory_limit directive and set it to 9M, or if that still isn’t enough memory try 10M.

  • If you cannot change your PHP configuration try adding the following to your site’s .htaccess file (or uploading a new one with this line inside it if your site doesn’t already have one):
    php_value memory_limit 10M

  • If PHP was compiled without - enable-memory-limit then all PHP/Webserver processes are limited by the per process max memory limit. You'll have to ask an administrator to change the limit. On linux/unix, you can check the limit with the following command in the shell:
    ulimit –a

If you cannot perform any of the above or none of the above works then you will not be able to run WysiwygPro 3 on your server.

We will gladly refund any customer who cannot get WysiwygPro 3 working. We have a money back guarantee on all our products.

A button, menu or feature doesn't seem to be available

Some buttons and menus may be disabled in the default installation.

To change your WysiwygPro plug-in preferences log into your admin area and select Extensions -> Plug-in Manager from the menu. Then click on Editor - WysiwygPro 3.Expand the Advanced Options menu to see all of the advanced WysiwygPro options.

The editor content does not appear to be “styled” or is not picking up my website’s style sheet.

WysiwygPro will attempt to automatically detect and use the style sheet from your site’s default template. However in some cases this may fail to work. 

If this isn't working, or if you want to use a different style sheet, you can set the URL for the style sheet you wish to use in your WysiwygPro plug-in preferences. Usually you will want to set this to the URL of the style sheet used by your website.

To change your WysiwygPro plug-in preferences log into your admin area and select Extensions -> Plug-in Manager from the menu. Then click on Editor - WysiwygPro 3.

Why does some HTML get removed from articles in Joomla 1.5.8 and newer?

Please see this article: