Pointing to a Local SpellCheck Dictionary

New in 3.3

WysiwygPro no longer offers a web-based spellchecker at wysiwygpro.com. To activate the built-in spellchecker, you must configure the Enchant plugin for PHP. Or you may prefer to simply allow your users to use their browser's built-in spellchecker which should work just as well in WysiwygPro as in any other text editor.

Enchant is configurable by PHP. If it is not enabled by default, contact your system administrator. It will need to be configured with one of the following spellcheck providers at the backend:

  • Aspell/Pspell

  • Ispell

  • MySpell/Hunspell

  • Uspell

  • Hspell

  • AppleSpell

For more information, please visit http://php.net/manual/en/book.enchant.php.