WysiwygPro Advantages 

We believe that it is simply the best browser based WYSIWYG editor available period.

Here is a list of features you might not find in other products:

  • Comprehensive online developer's manual
  • Server powered previews
    WysiwygPro's server preview plugin allows you to generate accurate previews in the WysiwygPro preview pane. Imagine being able to preview template syntax and content as it would appear on the website.
  • Template placeholders
    Many web applications use placeholder or template tags for common variables and settings. Imagine being able to use tags such as {site_url} instead of hardcoding URL's into your content. With WysiwygPro you can!
  • Repeating regions
    The repeating regions plug-in allows you to mark up repeating regions using simple comment tags. Now your clients can manage complex layouts more easily.
  • File manager can be used outside of the editor
    With WysiwygPro you not only get the best WYSIWYG editor but you also get the best file browser. The WysiwygPro file browser can be used throughout your application, anywhere you need users to be able to select or manage files on the server!
  • Manage QuickTime, Windows Media and Flash content
    The WysiwygPro file browser allows you to manage Flash, Flash Video, MP3, MP4, QuickTime and Windows Media files on the server and insert them into your documents. WysiwygPro's advanced file manager can calculate the correct default dimensions for video formats and when inserting Flash it knows the required player version. And if the file manager doesn't support a media format that you require it can be extended by developing Media plugins. The Media browser also allows you to easily insert remote media such as YouTube video.
  • Fully extensible and customizable.
    WysiwygPro's advanced API and plugin architecture allows you to extend or alter the editor's functionality without hacking core code. You can also create themes to change the appearance of the editor and unlike some products that just don't 'get it' themes work independently of the toolbar layout, which you can customize as well.
  • Custom Styles
    While most competing products allow you to define some custom formats or custom classes to appear on the toolbar menus WysiwygPro goes a step further. Usually a class should be applied to a certain tag, for example you might have defined a class to be used with images. You wouldn't want your image class applied to paragraphs or span tags would you? When defining styles for WysiwygPro 3 you can define what tag(s) the class can be applied to and you can specify any attributes you like, not just class.
  • Source code editing
    Sometimes when you switch to source view in competing products it can be hard to find the portion of code you want to edit, especially in a long or complex document. With WysiwygPro when you switch to source view the current selection or insertion point is highlighted so you can find it instantly.
    • WysiwygPro also features find and replace, line numbering and syntax highlighting to make editing source code a breeze.
  • AJAX
    Dynamically configure, display and remove editors through an AJAX interface. 
  • Tag Path
    The optional tag path displays a list of tags surrounding the current selection or insertion point. While several competing products also have this feature they only allow you to select the tag, not very useful. In WysiwygPro clicking a tag in the tag path gives you options for selecting, editing, removing or deleting the tag, now that is useful!